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Professional Land Surveyor II, Statewide Survey Program Manager

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About the Position:
The Statewide Survey Program Manager provides statewide subject matter expertise/serves as Staff Authority on CDOT's land surveying and ROW plans program providing quality assurance, training and coordination of policy and procedures with the assistance of region personnel. Coordinates the development and implementation of innovative survey methods using state of the art equipment with a focus on customer service. Serves as the Head Quarters liaison between CDOT managers and staff, private surveying community, regulatory agencies, and local governmental agencies.

Duties and responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Develop and maintain directives and guidelines for the CDOT's land survey and ROW plans program by authoring and updating manuals, policy and procedural directives, and specifications that will be used on a statewide basis on CDOT projects and/or on projects with CDOT oversight.
• Administer technological advances and federal agency changes to CDOT regional survey programs.
• Collect, compile, assess, correlate, analyze, and consolidate data on educational opportunities regarding Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) Board requirements, equipment, computer software, databases, and other technical resources critical to the operations of Land Survey and ROW plans program.
• Develop training plans and provide support for the training program for land surveys and ROW plans statewide, and on a CDOT region-by-region basis.
• Work as the statewide Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Head Quarters Coordinator to plan, develop, and guide the UAS Program within CDOT.
• Serve on CDOT UAS Committee to work with fellow Committee members to support and promote UAS program compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.
• Facilitate monthly meetings with UAS Pilots Group.
• Update CDOT's UAS Operations Manual.
• Stay current with FAA Part 107 regulations for small UAS under 55 lbs.
• Serve as Head Quarters point of contact with CDOT Procurement Department for rebidding UAS vendor contracts for drone services.
• Track and maintain a list of trained UAS Pilots and a list of Department owned UAS equipment in OnBase in coordination with the CDOT Regions.
• Supervise, prioritize, direct, and delegate the work functions and activities of the ROW/Survey Unit.
• Develop performance plans and evaluate the performance of (currently one) direct report.
• Approve leave and timesheets.
• Mediate or resolve personnel issues.
• Maintain signature authority to approve payments.
• Monitor and approve training opportunities for the GIS Right of Way Specialist that this position currently supervises.
• Process ROW plan authorizations per requests from CDOT regions working closely with managers to resolve incomplete or inaccurate information.
• Maintain signature authority of Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Plan Approval Form 462.
• Defend and justify CDOT's land surveying and ROW plans policies with regulatory agencies, local public agencies, individuals, and groups.
• Serve as CDOT’s representative to the Colorado Board of Licensure for Architects, Professional Engineers, and Professional Land Surveyors and other professional organizations.
• Serve as CDOT’s liaison to federal, county, city, and other local governmental agencies on land survey and ROW plans issues and policies.
• Provide statewide support for CDOT's High Accuracy Reference Network (HARN) station CTMC, located on the roof of CDOT’s office building in Golden (CTMC is a four-letter naming convention used to identify this station, used not only by CDOT, but as a point in the national spatial reference system).
• Provide support to Region Surveyors with notification and training of new processes for ORD, ProjectWise, On-Base and PM-Web Project management system systems.
• Work with consultants and/or region ROW/LPA contact to provide guidance, ensure compliance with policy and procedure, and to effect corrections necessary for compliant work product.
• Other job duties as assigned.
Work Environment:
• Daytime hours Monday-Friday.
• Approximately 5% spent in the field, 95% spent in the office.
• Daytime travel required during work hours for meetings and trainings and to provide technical assistance 1 -3 days per month.
• Overnight travel 1-5 times a year throughout Colorado to conduct in person meetings or trainings in our more remote regional offices.
• Required to operate CDOT vehicles.

• A valid Professional Land Surveyor License from the Colorado State Board of Licensure for Architects, Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors. Professional Land Surveyor License number must be provided in the application;
• AND at least one (1) year of experience as a licensed professional land surveyor.

$105,600.00 - $110,400.00 Annually

Denver, CO

Job Type
Full Time

Job Number
HAA 50004931-02/24

Department of Transportation

Opening Date

Closing Date
3/8/2024 11:59 PM Mountain

Determined by Position

Primary Physical Work Address
2829 W. Howard Pl Denver, CO 80204

FLSA Status
Exempt; position is not eligible for overtime compensation.

Colorado Dept. of Transportation


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